This site consisted of three barns, two which were conversions and one new build. The site at Manor Farm is adjacent to a farmhouse which dates back to the 1600’s, as such the barns were all grade II listed. ‘Church View’ was previously on this site however it was no longer in a usable condition, therefore the original building was flattened, the bricks and beams reclaimed and then rebuilt as a new house on the original footprint from the reclaimed materials. To create ‘The Stables’, there was a part barn conversion using the existing building, with an extension requiring a new build . ‘The Barn’, Internally lacked foundations (a common problem we experience with barns) but was later resolved by pouring a steel reinforced structural slab and pinning it into the bottom of the barn's walls. The large size of the barn allowed us to build a breeze block internal wall onto the new internal slab and insulate behind it bringing it up to and in fact ahead of building regulations at the time, giving the advantages of the appearance of an old barn with the insulation of a luxury modern house.