Contracting & Self build

Swallow Hill Homes are available on a contract basis for individual property construction or renovation of existing buildings. We have a full team in place allowing us to cover the full stage in the build; we are also able to offer full warranties through Build zone.

Our philosophy is to keep as much work in house as possible meaning the build can progress quickly and efficiently reducing the need for expensive 3rd party contractors.

Listed Buildings – Having completed numerous barn conversions including over 9 Grade II listed buildings and renovated a Grade I listed wall we are experts in the conversion and renovation of old buildings. Old buildings have many intricacies with their structures and from experience we are able to deal with these issues effectively.

Building regulations & conservation officers – We are knowledgeable in dealing with the team from the local council and though many people see them as a hindrance we have found that developing a long term working relationship with them based on honesty, openness and communication has meant that they have agreed to additional openings, changes and even suggested where garages could be added. Our experience tells us that these people generally want the houses to be lived in and make good homes for people.

Design & Build – our experience has often led us to change how barns are laid out, frequently we find architects have laid the barn out in a way that fails to make optimal use of the buildings best features, daylight & openings.  We offer a full AutoCAD service producing plans, elevations and 3D visualisations. Where required we can also produce fully itemised estimates for complete jobs up to complete houses.

Building control regulations – We are able to produce full plans applications for submission to your local building control department, from experience having a detailed set of plans lets all of the building issues be clarified earlier on in the build ultimately leading to a more efficient build.



Remote locations – Many of the properties we have constructed are in remote locations and as such are not connected to mains gas or mains drainage, we have installed LPG gas tanks in locations and Klargestor waste treatment plants in these locations, our development at Woodside Farm in Wettenhall, Cheshire was located close to a site of special scientific interest so the environment agency required us to install a tertiary treatment plant in addition to the Klargestor.

Mechanical ventilation & Heat pumps – These innovations will very soon become standard equipment in houses, modern houses with their absence of cold drafts mean that removing moisture created in day to day living from house is very important to maintain a healthy environment. The current cost of LPG mean that heat pumps are ideal for buildings not on the national gas network and works very well with under floor heating.

Consultancy – If you have a project or are currently working on and require a specialist to advice you we can also offer this service on a daily or hourly basis.

If you feel we can help in anyway on your project please do not hesitate to get in contact.


At Swallow Hill Homes we take great pride in our work to regenerate old buildings into great places to live.

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