Southfield Barns, Bramcote

Swallow Hill Homes

Project taken on from developers who sold on, we not only finished the refurbishment of the structural work but also stripped out all of the internals and started again to create a beautiful set of properties.

Southfields farm was purchased from the receivers of a previous developer. The exteriors of the properties had been completed to a good standard and the interiors were at various stages of completion. After a detailed review of the site it was decided the interior layouts didn’t work for their orientation in relation to their gardens and the position of the sun. The properties were arranged around a central courtyard and was better divided up into private spaces, leaving all three properties with sheltered private sun traps which made a real positive benefit for the subsequent inhabitants.

We did not feel we could sell properties with substandard interiors so we stripped out all of the internals and started again. Over the course of 15 month all three properties were renovated and successfully sold despite the prevailing market conditions.

Dairy Barn, Southfield Barns

Dairy had fantastic light but again was an un structured space, a spiral staircase didn’t comply with modern building regulations and as such the living area was reconfigured.

As a narrow building it was decided to install a full staircase which allowed a mezzanine study area to be converted to a full guest bedroom with en suite bathroom.

Hayloft Barn, Southfield Barns

This building was the least far progressed of the 3 properties, the previous developer had utilized some reclaimed beams from an old railway carriage as joists which were much thicker than would be required from modern timber I beams.Removing these allowed significantly more useable space upstairs and speeded up the development by not having to place services through 6” beams.

Conversations with the planning officer also allowed the footprint of an old agricultural lean too building to be rebuilt in brick alongside the barn increasing the floor space by 50%

Long Barn, Southfield Barns

Long Barn was probably the most challenging layout that we have come across in our time. The previous configuration of a very large open plan room with small north facing openings simply didn’t work as a living space. The building was changed so low use rooms such as the utility, family bathroom and study were moved into the centre of the space and the main living room relocated.