Environmental & Safety

CDM – The construction design and management regulations 2008 brought in a raft of regulation to improve health and safety during the construction and occupation of houses. Our team have attended courses on

Worker safety – We are very proud of never having a serious accident on site and having a very small number of minor accidents, this is achieved by making sure that the site is tidy, people have the right equipment to do the job and work at height is done using the appropriate support. By not pushing our team to work too quickly or cut corners accidents can be avoided.

CO2 – Carbon dioxide is a hot environmental issue and we believe that by building to a tight specification we can reduce the carbon footprint of a building, most of our properties feature under floor heating throughout making them economical to run and exceptionally comfortable as rooms can be preset to a certain temperature variable on an hourly basis for every different day of the week.

Recycling – Sending waste to landfill is a very expensive cost and as such wherever possible we minimise waste, plasterboard is separately bagged for recycling, the majority of our waste wood is burned to provide heat for houses, all cardboard and packaging is recycled where possible.

Larger projects are managed by the WRAP regulations which came into force recently.

Self build – If you have a barn conversion, a renovation or a new build property we can put as much or as little of our services at your disposal as you require.


At Swallow Hill Homes we take great pride in our work to regenerate old buildings into great places to live.

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