What happens when I buy a Swallow Hill Home ?

Consumer code for house builders

Buying a new property from Swallow Hill homes means you have certain rights as a consumer under the “consumer code for house builders”. This sets out requirements that home builders must follow.

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When a sale is agreed a reservation agreement is signed by both parties, this details how much will be paid for the property, what is to be included, when the sale is to be concluded by and reservation fee (if applicable)

This will allow Swallow Hill Homes to stop marketing the property. Swallow Hill Homes will not enter into any negotiations about the property with any other parties.

A copy of the form can be found here or please ask for a hard copy.

If you are not able to complete the purchase (say for example because your own house sale falls through) then the reservation fee is non refundable.

Contracts & legalities

Your Solicitors details will be taken and the information passed onto our solicitors who will draw up contracts. If the property is under construction whilst a sale is agreed we will give you an estimated completion date in accordance with the consumer code guidelines. We will do all we can to ensure that the property is ready when you need to move in by.

We also complete the following forms

  • fixtures and fittings
  • Statement of overriding interests form,
  • Site plan showing the boundaries of the property being purchased
  • Building control completion certificate,
  • Build zone warranty (if applicable)
  • Gas safe certificate (if applicable)
  • NIC electrical certificate,
  • Energy performance certificate
  • others as required.

Our solicitor then sends this information to your solicitor. Where possible we publish these items on our website to speed up the process.

Your solicitor will do a local authority, water and potentially coal board search. These are mostly done on the internet now so come back within a matter of days. During this a surveyor or valuer will normally come out from your mortgage company to inspect the property.

When both Solicitors and Mortgage Company are satisfied contracts can be exchanged and a completion day arranged. This can be done on the same day if necessary but soliciotors tend to prefer 5 working days between.

How long does the legal process take?

The process normally takes about 6 to 8 weeks.

Home awareness meeting

Our site manager will normally meet you between exchange and completion and spend 1-2 hours talking you through how your new home, for example how the burglar alarm works, where the stop taps are, the operation of the central heating system, location of utility collections. This can be done on the day of completion but you will normally have other things on your mind that day!


Houses take time to dry out and the passage of people throughout a building can lead to small cosmetic cracks. If you have any urgent problems then you should call the site manager on his mobile phone number on 07854 786 427, other than that if any non urgent snagging items come up you should write them down in a list and pass them on to the site manager after you have been in the property a month, alternatively it can be emailed to rob@swallowhillhomes.com. We will respond to you in 7 days telling you when we will be able to rectify the items and how long they will take.

After this you should notify ourselves of any issues in writing on an ad hoc basis.

Build – zone 10 year warranty on barn conversions and new build

If you are buying a new build property in England or Wales to get a mortgage on one need to have a structural warranty that is acceptable to your mortgage lender. The most common of these is the NHBC warranty. However for our barn conversions and new builds we use Buildzone warranties which are fully accepted by the council of mortgage lenders who regulate all the large lenders. This gives you full piece of mind.

Our apartments at Centenary Court Devonshire Drive don’t require warranties as the building hasn’t been structurally altered. It has stood for 103 years without movement so is not going to start moving now.

What does the warranty cover?

The property is covered against minor faults for the first 2 years buy Swallow Hill Homes and for 10 years for all structural defects by the build zone warranty (if applicable). For your piece of mind the warranty covers fully repairing the property, alternative accommodation and professional fees.

Electrical devices are covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranties, we will leave the warranty books in a kitchen cupboard or draw, and you should register the appliances in your own name with the manufacturer. The warranty normal starts from the date you move in.

What if i’m not happy the problem has been resolved to my satisfaction?

If having brought a problem to the attention of Swallow Hill Homes and you don’t feel it has been adequately addressed then Appendix A of the Consumer code for home builders outlines the procedures for what happens. In the first instance you should always contact Swallow Hill Homes in writing to get any problems resolved. We want you to be happy in your home.
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